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Jaime G


Destination Management, Entertainment, Executive Producer, Logistics, Talent and VIP Management

Event Types: Conference, Corporate, Experiential, Non Profit, Social

Experience: 8+ years

Short Bio: For over 20+ years, I have worked hard to provide my clients with a top quality experience by going above and beyond. I always strive to be innovative in my design when producing events while maintaining a unique style with great attention to detail.

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Lead Event & Wedding Producer
Feb 01, 2017 - Current
I am very skilled in handling everything and anything it takes to manage & produce an event. From the inception, to the design, production details and onsite management... my skills are vast with over 20+ years of experience in the event industry. Most of my background is with tv & movie studios, top name brands, corporations and talent relations. My supreme skill is my attention to detail and creating an exceptional experience for each guest.

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Jordan Catron
UCLA for Mattel Children's Hospital
I first hired Jaime in 2014 to co-produce an event for us and I’ve been working with her ever since! She has an innate understanding of VIPs and relationships that make her an outstanding partner – she doesn’t just execute the logistics of an event, she keeps the waters smooth.
Jenny Hess
Managing Director, Head of Corporate Events at Guggenheim Partners
Jaime Geffen has been a trusted partner of the Guggenheim Partners Corporate Events Team for quite a few years now and we have come to rely on her expertise and creativity for many of our events. We are so happy to know Jaime as she is a joy to work with and always brings her “A” game so that we can achieve success with our events and for our clients.