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Sara K

Los Angeles / Long Beach / Anaheim, CA

Entertainment, Event Design, Graphic Designer, Sponsorship Procurement, Vendor Management

Event Types: Corporate, Experiential, Fashion, Live Event, Social

Experience: 8+ years

Short Bio: I have always been a visual storyteller and believe that experiences are about the feeling you leave people with. I bring the ability to bring ideas to life by creating a vision, choosing the right teams and inspiring the best work.

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creative director
Confidential - Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
Jun 12, 2013 - Current
Working on brands spanning from fashion to music creation. Concepting and creating experiences in experiential and digital activations. Working with top media and influencers to craft meaningful stories for brands through innovative events.

Portfolio Items:

Aida Betrou
LVTD Group
Sara and I worked on 12 events over 6 days at Coachella with influencers, brands and celebrities/talent. She is agile, organized, creative and able multi-task like no other. She also is able to wear multiple hats switching from creative director to producer to designer and sometimes even helping the event staff in their duties as a bartender or brand ambassador.
Adriana Krause
Various Projects
We worked on digital projects (mobile, web, OTT) together where she consistently produced work for the client that was above and beyond their expectation and assisted in us keeping the client happy for the entire duration of the relationship. Sara and I also worked closely on a few experiential projects where her creativity knows no bounds. Her ideas are beyond what most people could visualize and her ability to assist in the production to ensure her vision comes to life, is that a of a true team player. I enjoy working with Sara on any/all types of projects because I know we will deliver an amazing creative result and have fun along the way.
Marci Limpert
Various Projects
I have worked with Sara both as a partner and as a client, working on campaigns and events for clients including LG Electronics and New Balance, among others. As a writer, I love working with Sara because she is not only a great collaborator but her fashion-forward design sense and top tier design skills bring our ideas to life in beautiful ways. I am always proud to show clients work, mockups or presentations that Sara has put together as they always look sleek, modern and on trend. She is also a great communicator, easy to work with and a good person to bounce ideas off of. I would recommend Sara highly for any job in which design, creativity, leadership and communication are assets.