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Dominick M

Savannah, GA

Associate Producer, Copy Writer, Day of Event Manager, Event Concept Ideation / Strategy, Rigging/Staging

Event Types: Conference, Experiential, Live Event, Non Profit, Social

Experience: 4+ years

Short Bio: I am a relationship builder who catalyzes action. My goal is to engage the world around myself in a quest to understand the dynamics that allow positive social change to flourish. In doing so, I strive to improve the foundations of my community.

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Creative Consultant
Clark Mortarotti Creative Industries - Savannah, GA
Jan 01, 2019 - Current
-Started company focusing on adding value to startups through developing digital content (website design, coding), branding, and business modeling -Collaborating with six startups across a variety of industries and at various stages of business growth -Projects ongoing, some examples of work in the portfolio!

Portfolio Items:

Production Assistant / Location Manager
TAG Cinema - Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC
May 01, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019
Worked with Director Roberto Carmona on his acclaimed independent project Dakota, as a location manager for a historic property in Washington, DC. Also worked as a production assistant on a project for the DNC at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Portfolio Items:

Production Assistant / Actor
R St. Productions - Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC
May 18, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019
Worked as a production assistant and actor for Peter Calafiura's short film, the Clean Job.

Portfolio Items:

Production Assistant
John McNeil Studios - San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA
Jan 01, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014
Jack of all trades that assisted with creating media for a subscription-based meditation service: grip work, client relations, sound synchronization, etc.

Portfolio Items:

Special Events Coordinator Intern
DMV Food Truck Association - Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC
Jan 01, 2014 - May 31, 2014
Worked with a six-person team to fundraise over $10,000 and coordinated the first DMV Food Truck Convention with tiered sponsorships and guest speakers.

Portfolio Items:

Che Ruddell-Tabisola
DMV Food Truck Association
To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I pen this recommendation for Dominick Mortarotti. However, Dominick’s most impressive trait is his heart: He is an individual who fervidly cares about making a difference and, perhaps more important, is willing to do the work in service to that cause. In a labor market filled with candidates who readily espouse support for any number of important progressive causes, Dominick separates himself by his actions. To say it another way: He walks the walk. I heartily recommend Dominick for any challenging, demanding and results-critical position.
Zachary Cox
Hot Box Sauna Studio
To Whom it May Concern, I have had the pleasure of knowing Dominick Mortarotti for many years as a personal acquaintance. In addition to being highly personable and gregarious, Dominick has a great head on his shoulders and has an ability to quickly learn and understand new things. Recently I have had the pleasure of working with him on a new business endeavor, where he was responsible for creating digital content. Dominick was not only easy to work with and instantly had a strong understanding of what was needed to complete the project, but he conducted himself with extreme professionalism and was able to work quickly and efficiently, meeting deadlines and offering valuable insights along the way. As a business owner, I have worked with many people and I can honestly say that Dominick has many of the qualities that make someone a valuable addition to a team. Sincerely, Zach Cox Co-Founder of Carmela Ice Cream (Best of LA 2009, 2014) HotBox
Michael Abbenante
Firehouse Properties
After your graduation in 2018, I hired you on as a property manager and webmaster of my Airbnb multi-unit rentals (2 in Shaw Corridor of Washington DC, a very new unexplored neighborhood for. Eventually, after a short adjustment, you took over managing the entire business in a part-time capacity, saving me tons of time. Now you have my properties on multiple websites including the one you personally built and coded for me. My business has definitely profited greatly from your direct contributions. Now you have decided to move on and I wish well in your future endeavors, ready to re-hire you on my next entrepreneurial adventure, that is if I'm lucky enough to find you unoccupied at the very least, and more likely already snatched up. I wish you the best. Please share my information and this email to anyone in your future career path.