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$35 /hr
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Ellis O

New York / Newark / Jersey City, NY

Associate Producer, Copy Writer, Day of Event Manager, Staffing Management

Event Types: Conference, Experiential, Fashion, Live Event, Trade Show

Experience: 4+ years

Short Bio: Producing can be tricky, but I LOVE the challenge of helping producers with their needs. Being a great team leader means being compassionate, open, responsive, and helpful (and sometimes just a little stern). I LOVE managing teams and building team moral. I can meet needs you may have for a field manager, coordinator, event manager, event registration. I make for a top-notch brand ambassador. I'm always thrilled to try new things and although I've never designed an experiential event, I have some education in theatrical set design. I'm looking to gain copywriting experience and you won't find a better bargain!

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Freelance Brand Ambassador
Contractor/Freelance - Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
Sep 05, 2014 - Current
I have been a freelance Brand Ambassador for five years and a consistent event manager, as well as a BA for several staffing agencies in both LA and NY. Roles: Event Manager; Check-in/registration; Product Specialist/pop-up shops; Production assistant; Brand Ambassador/tradeshows; sampling; surveys; event bartending; Host/MC Experience: Brand Ambassador, HBO 2019 Team Manager, ICC Pop-up 2019 Team Manager/Street Team ABC 2019 Team Manager, Comi-Con 2018 Team Manager, Samsung 2018 Team Manager, Youtube 2018 Team Manager, Inman conference 2018 Promo Model, Netflix 2018 Team Manager, Google 2017 Team Manager, Fandengo 2017 Team Manager, Stubhub 2017 Brand Ambassador, Worldz (conference) Brand Ambassador, American Express 2017 Floor Model, Dolce & Gabbana Brand Ambassador, Toys R Us 2017 Usher, Tom Ford NYFW show 2017 Staff, Harpers Bizaar 2017 Brand Ambassador, Macao Tourism 2017 Check-in, Dior influencer events 2017 Runway Model, Rodeo Drive's BOLD 2017 Brand Ambassador, Chase Bank 2017 Check-in/staff, Snapchat events 2017 Brand Ambassador, Spectacles 2017 Brand Ambassador, Gapfit/Refinery 29 influencer events 2017 Event Staff, Oscars 2017 Brand Ambassador, Takeda 2016 Brand Ambassador/courier, NBC/NHL 2016 Brand Ambassador, Old Navy 2016 Event Staff, Lifetime TV 2016 Brand Ambassador, Snickers 2016 Brand Ambassador, Mountain Dew 2016 Talent Escort, Smokey Robinson Charity Event 2016 Brand Ambassador, Vh1 2016 Brand Ambassador, Absolut/Lyft 2016 Brand Ambassador, Bing (Microsoft) 2016 Brand Ambassador, Illumination Entertainment/Vidcon 2016 Brand Ambassador, Ubisoft/E3 2016 Brand Ambassador, Buca di Beppo 2016-2017 Character Actor, The Conjuring 2 premier after-party 2016 Character Actor, Warcraft red-carpet premier 2016 Brand Ambassador/Barista, Cafe Bustelo 2015 Kimbra (album launch party staff) 2015
New Hires Coordinator
Quench - New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY
Feb 12, 2018 - Apr 26, 2019
I assisted new hires tracking, onboarding, verified staff I9, called references, and occasionally helped with interviewing new staff. Quench has over 1000 employees nationwide.
Kelsey Crane
Ellis is a fantastic go-to event staff member! I once asked him to help butler for my friend’s baby shower, and he also volunteered to help my husband and I at a celebrity blood drive event at Children’s Hospital. Clients LOVE his work ethic and personal attention towards helping their brand thrive, as well as his unwavering enthusiasm. In less than a year of working for us, we promoted Ellis to event captain. We eventually brought him on as a virtual new hires coordinator, and even offered him the position of full-time booker. Ellis didn’t enjoy working from home and chose to seek out more work in event planning and production, but we always have his back 100% and happy to still have him on our side as a rock solid brand ambassador!
Ashley Walter
Hello, I am Ashley Walter and I work as an Event Booker at Quench Staffing. I have worked with Ellis for a few years now and he has always been agreeable, professional, and good natured. He's always early to events and keeps clients happy. He has great communication skills and a great attitude, which is why he is always my go-to captain/manager. Any company would be lucky to have him on their team!
Anna Kuzmina
H+ / AK47 Productions
Ellis Volunteered for our pro-bono media service event for dancers called Pimp My Style. He was absolutely amazing: taking initiative, looking for placed where help is needed, very personably working with people. Our event was 8 hours and he didn't show even a glimpse of tiredness and maintained his work ethic. - Director of H+