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Jaimee L

Los Angeles / Long Beach / Anaheim, CA

Day of Event Manager, Entertainment, Field Marketing Manager, Food and Beverage

Event Types: Conference, Corporate, Entertainment, Experiential, Festivals

Experience: 8+ years

Certifications: food

Short Bio: I have been a brand ambassador for over 9 years. I have done, guerilla marketing,team lead, large venues including concerts and surveying, food, beauty, alcohol etc. promotions. I have also done roadshows. I am professional,qualified and educated.

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various - Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
Jan 01, 2010 - Current
promotions, sales, acting, dancing. *Food Certification Brand Ambassador * Guerilla Marketing* Street Team * Promotional Companies that I have worked for thus far are the following: Affinity Artists Big Orange Productions as Brand Ambassador and Recruiter/ Samplers Inc Front Row Marketing Fusion Marketing Encore Nationwide Interactions Marketing Visual Image Events Brandceuticals Social Sampling Interactions Marketing Brandceuticals GC Marketing Adelante Ontour24/7 Best Reps Identity Marketing USA GCMarketing Creative Channel Flow Wine Group Mirus Promotions Direct Demos Modern Promos Social Sampling Acosta Sales and Marketing: As a Dedicated Hostess Representative. (Included Marketing and Management of Product) Data entry and reporting